Friday, June 24, 2011

The Power Of The Blog

I'll be the first to admit that we have not reached elite status when it comes to sports blogs and websites.  I hope those of you who read this everyday enjoy the content that we provide and tell others to check us out.  I promise we will be a lot easier to find on July 1st!

Independent sports blogs were the future, and now the future is here!   Newspapers and I  am talking newspapers of substance are not only taking notice they are extending the olive branch!

Score for the as it is now sharing information with The Cedar Rapids Gazette.  I don't know Mike Hlas personally but I have to believe that was pretty hard to write for a newspaper guy, almost and admission of failure.  But as resources continue to be cut at newspapers (see the Des Moines Register) they will fill the void with sports blogs and won't have to pay them a thing.   It doesn't matter as driving serious traffic to the is worth a lot of money.

The Gazette isn't the first to do this.  The Omaha World Herald now has a link to on it's website in what appears to be a sharing agreement.

The Des Moines Register uses Chris Williams of on a regular basis and ah no problem pimping his website as well.

This is the power of the sports blog!  Fans want information 24 hours a day and they will surf the web for as long as it takes to find something new.   Feel free to tell your friends about

By the way there are great sports blogs out there that cover the Hawks and Huskers that may not get as much love as the others.  My favorites include:

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