Thursday, June 30, 2011

The End Is Near

In mid-January I launched this blog not really knowing what I was getting myself into.  This was a new venture where I could continue to write and entertain as well as test the waters and the interest in a blog not dedicated to one team, but rather a rivalry.

I am happy to report that since this blog launched our readership has increased dramatically month to month, more than I could have ever imagined. Readers not just from Nebraska and Iowa but all around the world!  12 different countries to date, I can only assume our great military men and women who are looking for information about their favorite team.

Well the end of this blog is near,  it's time to take this little project to a different level.  It's time to offer more features, more information a better fan experience. Tomorrow at 2:00 PM CST this blog will shut down and you can officially visit

 We'll be offering:

  • Message Boards and Forums
  • Easier Access To Blogs
  • Video
  • Links to our favorite Iowa and Nebraska information sources
  • Our featured writers
Like this blog, we are going to play smart and simple and grow as we learn.  

The end is near, but with the promises of a new beginning!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Conference New Territory

There's No Place Like Home
When Nebraska was a member of the Big 12 (okay it still is at least until Friday) there was a strong recruiting presence in California, Texas and Florida.  I don't expect that to change.

Last month Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz told me he expects to see the Huskers make a stronger push in traditional Big 10 recruiting battle grounds.  Is words are so true and it's not taking long for the Big Red to make an impression.

This story in the Lincoln Journal Star talks about how Nebraska is making strong in-roads in Ohio.  This shouldn't be that big of a shock considering Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini  is from Youngstown, Ohio. This is a sure sign Nebraska is not going to just walk into the Big 10 but rather a full sprint!

The Tale Of Two Quarterbacks

James Vandenberg
All eyes are always on the quarterback.  It's the most high profile position on the football team and it's easy to find people who hate the quarterback just as much as they love him.

When it comes to the quarterback situation at Iowa and Nebraska, it's two different tales.   At Iowa, James Vandenberg is and unproven commodity.  He's an Iowa kid now in charge of the Hawkeye offense, read the story in today's Des Moines Register.

At Nebraska, Taylor Martinez has a ton of speed and talent.  But he's hated in some circles because of his attitude and leadership skills.  Bo Pelini about ripped his head off at Texas A&M and Martinez talks to Dennis Dodd of about that day.

I sure hope Pelini understand why his quarterback is telling this story now.

The tale of two quarterbacks.  A kid from Iowa playing under center, big shoes to fill.   A California kid with all the talent in the world who just has to avoid being a tool.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Iowa's Answer: Beer?

Last week I showed you the T-shirts Nebraska fans are sporting when it comes to the new rivalry with Iowa.   The Huskers boast about their 5 national championships and being a college football dynasty.

I called for the Hawkeyes to rise to the challenge.  What do they come up with, beer! Seriously this is the best you can come up with?  I know Iowa City is full of great tailgating but as this rivalry gets stared you better come to the table with something better than a great party.

The Rebuttal?
The Challenge

Monday, June 27, 2011

Is the Big 10 Already Sick Of Nebraska

We all know the Huskers have been talked about for the past year.  I don't think there's been one part of the schools switch to the Big 10 that hasn't been covered.  If members schools and their fans aren't sick of it by now, they certainly will be this weekend.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Big 10 Network is devoting a lot of time to welcome Nebraska to the Big 10. Including live "chat's" with former players like Ahman Green and Tommie Frazier.  The program I think will touch a nerve, "It's Chrystal Clear" Nebraska's 1997 National Championship.  Hmmm I wonder what Michigan will think about that show?  It's a love fest!  Which will make other schools just hate the Huskers more.

Big 10 Throws Nebraska A Bone

Nebraska is not officially a member of the Big 10 yet, the formality will take place on Friday.  The conference is not waiting to make Nebraska feel right at home, throwing the Huskers an early bone.

Nebraska will host the 2012 Big 10 Indoor Track and Field Championships. A good move for the Big 10 as Nebraska traditionally supports non-revenue sports, not just internally but with fan support as well.   The Huskers are competitive in the sport and have the best facility to host.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Long Goodbye

Get ready for the LOOONG goodbye.  This is the last "official" week Nebraska is a member of the Big 12, the Huskers "officially" join the Big 10 on Friday.

In reality, this has been an ugly divorce and there will be no love loss between the Big 12 and Nebraska for years to come.  But expect the ending to be done with civility looking back at the positive instead of the negative.  Let's be honest, the last 11 months have focused on the negative.

It' starts today in the Lincoln Journal Star as it looks back at 15 years of memories for Nebraska and the Big 12.