Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Tale Of Two Quarterbacks

James Vandenberg
All eyes are always on the quarterback.  It's the most high profile position on the football team and it's easy to find people who hate the quarterback just as much as they love him.

When it comes to the quarterback situation at Iowa and Nebraska, it's two different tales.   At Iowa, James Vandenberg is and unproven commodity.  He's an Iowa kid now in charge of the Hawkeye offense, read the story in today's Des Moines Register.

At Nebraska, Taylor Martinez has a ton of speed and talent.  But he's hated in some circles because of his attitude and leadership skills.  Bo Pelini about ripped his head off at Texas A&M and Martinez talks to Dennis Dodd of about that day.

I sure hope Pelini understand why his quarterback is telling this story now.

The tale of two quarterbacks.  A kid from Iowa playing under center, big shoes to fill.   A California kid with all the talent in the world who just has to avoid being a tool.  


  1. "Who just has to avoid being a tool?" - What does that even mean? How is that even measured? Is he a "tool" because he's not a profound public speaker? because he had a phone conversation with his father during a football? because he's not a vocal leader? ...yes, it appears he needs to develop as a leader and a communicator. Calling someone a "tool" for lacking these characteristics is questionable.